Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brief Update

I can't believe that it's been so long since I've last posted.  Ok, since I've been working so much with the GiftedVillage CARES non-profit, putting together this year's Memphis Convention on Early Learning, every little bit of time seems to be going to that. But, I'm visiting family this weekend, so here I am :-)

OK.  Things that come to mind to mention....

Kaelie will be 9 months next week - yay!  She's already attempting short steps and as managing to stay standing longer and longer.  The doctor says she's 3 months advanced, but I think she's just right.  Joey was at the same point at this age, which is exciting and a relief for me, since I worry that she doesn't get as much positive stimulation because I split my time between the two.

Last week, I believe it was, Joey did something interesting: I accidentally asked him in Spanish to read.  As in, instead of speaking English and asking him to read his words, which are in English, I was talking to him in Spanish and asked him to read his words (which are in English).  And he read them to me ... in Spanish!  I didn't even realize it until he happened to stumble onto a word that he didn't know in Spanish and said it in English, at which point it occurred to me what he was doing.  I think this is really neat and further enforces that learning is learning, regardless of the language.  The language is just the expression of the subject.

Along those lines, he's been devouring Mickey in Mandarin, thanks to YouTube! It's funny how people fret so much over screen time and that it will affect their attention spans and whatnot, but on the contrary, there are so many benefits if you're exposing them to great things.  I often wonder what the result of the next 20 years will be.  The possibilities are exciting and I'm really looking forward to getting to know who they are and watch them develop into who they choose to be.

This past week Joey seems to be having separation anxiety.  I started him at a coop school on Tuesdays and  for whatever reason, he isn't doing well unless I'm around.  The good news is that it is a new place with new people, except for his buddy Harper, and so I think this is only natural for this age.  His first visit I stayed in his room the whole time, but his second visit, which occurred 3 weeks later, into the third hour he was starting to stay in his toddler room with the other kids without my being there.  I'm so grateful that I found this place!  Social development is so important too.

We are on a good routine these days, having successfully incorporated Little Reader and Little Math.  He adores his books and writing.  I need to expose him more to arts and music.  Fortunately, I've set up his keyboard at Nani's and will be doing the same this week, so yay! Finally on track there.  Now I just have to order the usb-midi interface and I'll be set.

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