Thursday, February 7, 2013

Forward Progress, Drip by (Oil) Drip (Pan)

WooHoo.  We picked up our oil drip pans from wally world (walmart) today.  We also picked up some circular and rectangular baking sheets from the dollar store.  The goal was to use it for piano lessons, but with so many ideas at (thanks Tonya for sharing!), who knows what we can do.  I'm sure there will be future posts with pics of them in use.  For now, this post is all I can muster.

Also, I ordered dry erase rolls to put on the walls and on the oil drip pan.  I'm really hoping it turns out like I envision (or better!).  Here's a link to that:  Who knows if it works by the time you read this, but hopefully you get the idea.  Just type "dry erase roll" into amazon or google.  Yes, I hope to update once that actually comes in.  Oddly enough, I am pretty excited by this, especially since it means that I can finally turn one of our walls into a massive, colorful, constantly-changing learning center. Yay!

As for our progress today, the best that I could do was add a bit to our routine guide, and complete the morning activities, plus jam the music lessons in after we returned from an indoor playgroup and errands (drip pans and baking sheets).

I've set a goal for the next thirty days to really focus on reading, math, and music.  That's not to say that motor skills, memory building activities, geography, art, history, etc, are going by the wayside.  It just means that I'm feeling guilty about the time I've taken from my kids to return to school, and that I'm hoping to focus on my kids a bit more now (hopefully not to the detriment of my classes!).   Wish me luck.  :-)

PS - I'll post an update of our schedule some other time when it's a bit more finalized.  I got no sleep last night and need to go to bed NOW.

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