Saturday, January 21, 2012

They really can read & do math before they're 1!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been two weeks.  In my mind, it's only been a few hours, as I compose several new posts each day, yet don't actually get to the computer to share - doh!

Anyway, here I am, and here's what I'll share before calling it a night.

Sadly, we don't work that much on teaching math at the moment.  We have been focusing more on reading, but yes, we'll do a few minutes of math every couple days.  And while I realize that our (as in all children!) are brilliantly amazing, I am still wonderfully surprised when I hear Joey reading, especially new words!

Today, my mother randomly asked him a series of addition problems.  Very simple addition.  Things like, "Joey, what's 1+1?" Of course, he gave her the answers!  I didn't know he knew that.  After watching the video, I know that I need to start doing more with both, Joey & Kaelie!  The possibilities are exciting!

I'll keep you better posted ;-)

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