Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day's Progress - Great; Plus K Turns 21 mo!

Super exhausted ... if I go to sleep now, I'll have just under two hrs before the kids wake me, but it was such a good day that I wanted to post something - anything - to remember (and try to keep the momentum going).

Music: Here's the update to our SM Progress Post:, which includes links to pics and a vid.

Everything Else - Here's a general outline I put together.  I didn't get to review it in the whole day, but after the kids fell asleep, I was able to make some minor adjustments.

DailyMorningsGratitude (prayer) & Greetings (hugs, kisses, love)

MusicSM Credit: Note Alphabet Chant
     - Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do; Do Ti La Sol Fa Mi Re Do     - Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do Re; Re Do Ti La Sol Fa Mi Re     - Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do Re Mi; Mi Re Do Ti La Sol Fa Mi     - Fa Sol La Ti Do Re Mi Fa; Fa Mi Re Do Ti La Sol Fa     - Sol La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol; Sol Fa Mi Re Do Ti La Sol     - La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol La; La Sol Fa Mi Re Do Ti La     - Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti; Ti La Sol Fa Mi Re Do TiLearn Solfege Song:
SM Credit: Note Alphabet Game (5-10 min); Make as many notes as possible
SM Credit: Fruit Line Game (1 - 3 minutes); Improved Note Scores w/in Same Time Pd
SM Credit: Hanon Exercises
5 Songs Memorized in Solfege w/Magnets
     - Hot Cross Buns
     - Ode to Joy
     - Twinkle, Twinkle
     - Itsy, Bitsy Spider
     - Row, Row, Row Your Boat
SM Credit: Nursery Prime Songs - Level 2; R; L; P (Goal: 5 min, then 4, then 3; add two hands after mistakes are less than timing)
MathAddition/Subtraction 0 to 10, then doubles to 20
Skip counting forward and backwards 1 to 12
Mathematicus Fantastikos
Building & Problem Solving Times
ReadingPhonics Fluency & Confidence
Mommy reads through abridged classics & biographies (Current: Peter Pan; Potentials:; Completed: Oliver Twist)
WritingTyping Fluency & 26 letters, 10 numbers, etc
Spelling List (start with Dolch site words?)
GeographyIdentify all 50 states, 50 capitols, major cities, and UN recognized nations and countries
HistoryListen to one CD of SOTW each week (averages to 5 to 10 minutes/day)
ScienceSimple Science & Biology CDs, plus experiments
Chemistry: Work on periodic table song (make cards to place on empty table), use flash cards
Physics: Continue building and explaining key concepts (friction, motion, etc)
Astronomy: Use telescope during Spring & Fall, practice seeing constellations
Anatomy: Learn bones, muscles, parts, and systems of the body
Biology: Setup fish tank and watch eggs hatch; learn about lifecycle of plant, frog, chick, and human; plant things in see-through planter
ASLDaily Signing Usage - Signing Time, Learn to Play Signed Songs, Deaf Storytime Videos
FrenchConversations at least twice each week
Play videos at least twice each week
Watch one french movie each week, or at least equal time in french videos
JapaneseFind Japanese playgroup; play Japanese videos once/week
SwimmingMust go at least once each week, preferably twice!!!!!!
BikePractice Daily for a few minutes (Kaelie)
GymnasticsGo once/week for lessons, practice at home

Summary: Tomorrow I'll try to post another update, hopefully with progress!  Wish me luck (low to no sleep days aren't very productive, typically :-/).

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