Monday, February 4, 2013

Schedule Review, Goals, & Update

I can't believe it, but a year has truly passed since I wrote our first schedule here: Reluctantly, I can't say that much has changed. For those who aren't aware, last May (2012) I made the decision to pursue my PhD. I really want to contribute in a major way towards the educational makeover of our country (and the world, really), but I feel strongly that my message will be more powerful if I can get letters behind my name. Unfortunately, although I'm grateful for my twenties, they went by in the blink of an eye, and without so much as a college credit successfully completed. So, long story short, I started from scratch. Fortunately, if all goes well, by this May 2013 I will have my associate's degree, and hopefully two years later (ideally less!), I will finally have completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology. If all goes really well, I'll also have my degree in Elementary Education and certified to teach with endorsements for both elementary and ESL. Hopefully, it won't stop there, though. Before Kaelie's ten, I'd like to have my PhD in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Developmental Psychology (focuses on pregnancy through adolescence), as well as in Gifted Education - or at the very least a Masters. So, wish me luck.

It's exciting to set these goals for myself, but in truth, the most difficult aspect has been making this decision while my children are at their 'prime' for learning. Clearly, I have been on a bit of hiatus for the past ten months or so, but with some luck, I'll be able to get into a nice routine now. Part of returning to school has meant that we have been in between homes for almost a year now, but it seems like we are getting a feel for it now. On that note, in brief, we'll review the goals for the kids for this year.

Joey is 3 (42 months). He has been potty trained since once, reading whole words since one, and counting past twenty since one, as well as speaking multiple languages. Now he also rides a two wheeler and reads phonetically, counts forwards and backwards from 0 to 100, and knows some basic math facts (addition & skip counting by 5, 9, 2, etc). He had learned to swim and was picking up piano, but both were cut off last year just as he was getting it. Without repetition ... well, you use it or lose it. The brain is a beautifully efficient machine, especially at this age. It's part of our biological "Survival of the fittest, baby!". Ah well. Added to our daily routine, we've now started geography, history, and anatomy. By this time next year, I'd like to see him familiar with the geography of all the countries, confident with all of his basic math operations (addition, subtraction , multiplication, division), swimming, playing basic piano pieces & reading notes fairly fluently, as well as continue with gymnastics. Since our fluctuating location, we've had to drop karate, Japanese, art, soccer, and everything else. Gymnastics has been our sole survivor, and barely at that. Also, I desperately need to organize a playgroup for him, since he really has had minimal consistent interaction with children his age. His best friend is seven, but I fear that soon his friend may be outgrowing Joey. Until then, though, I will continue to help foster the friendship; Joey really loves his buddy.

Kaelie is 1 (21 months). Thankfully, she is finally potty trained, it seems, although (not her fault), she took longer to get there. I believe that it was because of the constant talking she heard between her brother and me while she was in the belly and during her first year, but for the first year of her life, she was amazingly more advanced. It truly has been astonishing to see how my (sigh) lack of consistent play learning with her (as Joey received) has made so much difference. To her credit, I must say, that she is amazingly quick, considering the littel she has received over the last ten months. I hope that I can offer her more and more as time progresses, despite my own personal educational endeavors. As for my goals for her this year: I'd like to see her reading phonetically by this time next year, as well as confident with the basic math operations, the countries on the map and the states of our country, plus swimming, and music, of course. If she can master a bike, all the better. She also takes gymnastics, and I'd like to see that remain a constant as well. I forgot to mention, but if she shows interest, as Joey did, writing could also be added to the list.

To make all this possible, I will attempt to post progress summaries here, as often as possible. The categories will be simply listed, as follows, since time and energy are so limited for me. Wish us luck! I can't wait to finally have our centers up and running so that the burden is placed so heavily solely on parents! Ah well, until then ;)

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Categories

Something like that. Off to bed. Much to do tomorrow!

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