Monday, January 2, 2012

The Art of Writing

As a child, although sensitive, I was drawn to logic. I enjoyed math because I understood it's logic and was not a fan of history nor writing because I slipped through the cracks on a few lessons and could not make sense of it. Keep in mind, this was in elementary school. In middle school I loved grammar - it was logical, but was still not a fan of writing, even though I enjoyed reading. 

To be gifted means to be filled with the love of learning and the skills and drive to pursue what inspires you, wherever it may lead.

I was excited to read the professor's description. He was taught to read before he was three and grew into a gifted man - a life-long learner!

This article was found after searching for the artist of the image in the previous post, but Theodore's rhythmic writing was poetry to my ears, and I was compelled to share. It reminded me of 9th grade when my teacher continuously had us write. Writing, like other gifts, takes time to hone. No one is born playing beautiful music. It takes practice. I hope to share this love with my children too.

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