Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Music to My Ears!

I just have to share that it fills me with joy when I hear Joey randomly start singing, counting, practicing his phonics, imagining stories, recalling details to things from days long passed, etc.  He's amazing!  He's amazing because he is my child!  And if you are a parent, KNOW that your child was born brilliantly amazing too!  I'm so in love with my children and can't wait to get to know them more as they grow.  Kaelie is already creating beautiful sounds, having already mastered her ba, la, da, ma, and a couple other random sounds. Go, Kaelie!

PS - Fill your child with useful knowledge.  Does my son know the Mickey hot dog song?  Yes! But his obsession for Mickey, thanks to summer visits with my mother, have creatively been geared towards a 'subtle' shift to watching Mickey now in Chinese, thanks to yours truly here.  If you're curious about what comes out of his mouth when he sings, as his mind is trying to playfully sort out all of the information he receives in the day, then head on over to youtube and check out our playlists.  What's been playing from Joey's mouth this week?  The solfege (do re mi fa so la ti do - do ti la so fa mi re do), the abc's, the phonic abc's, the numbers 1 - 100 (And YES, I was ecstatic to see him attempt it with the abacus today during free play time, which is just about all the time these days), the A-T AT song, 50 nifty united states song, the periodic tables song, the first 10 elements song, and ring around the rosies ... i'm sure there are a couple that i'm missing, but that gives an idea of what is coming out of my little joey jukebox ;-) 

And since I didn't say it before - or did I? - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This year is a blessing!

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