Friday, December 30, 2011

1st Steps Towards Weaning Kaelie - Eating Solids

Today Kaelie is officially eating cereal, which means that she is definitely on the path towards being weaned.  It's a bitter sweet realization for me because, although I am growing fonder of the notion of having two more kids years from now, despite having such difficulties with the last two pregnancies and births, the reality is that it's truly only up to God, and maybe Kaelie is the last for me.  Joey is so fun and interesting right now, but really, at least for how I'm feeling as of late, my favorite stage seems to be the year starting from the moment babies can sit on their own.  It's just such an amazing time.  But yes, on reflection, the whole experience of watching a human evolve is quite a curious and wonderous blessing.  But I digress.

Kaelie is eating cereal and food in little mesh pouches and little bits of anything she can convince someone to share. Very different from Joey!  I was quite hormonal with Joey and had to do everything 'just so!'  This meant that he was on a much structured eating routine.  Neither baby was allowed to have anything until after 6 months.  Then, with Joey, he started on brown rice mixed with breastmilk for one serving every couple days.  After a couple weeks, we added oatmeal.  The next month we added one vegetable each week or so and increased the frequencies of introducing solids.  The following month we added fruits.  And then we started adding more solid feedings.  Over time, our nursing sessions were replaced with cuddles while munching on fruit, typically apples.  Our final session to disappear was the first feeding of the morning because I was pregnant with Kaelie and grew too sensitive.  Joey did just fine, though, because we spent the same amount of time cuddling and bonding.

As for Kaelie, I've been much more laissez-faire with her.  I cherish my experiences with Joey, but try not to have them overlap my forming ones with Kaelie.  From in utero I could tell that she was unique, her own person, and I'm excited to get to know her too.  So yes, she's now on her way, but until she's finally weaned, I'm recording the moments in my heart.

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