Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joey & Kaelie Start Little Reader & Little Math by BrillKids

That about sums it up: Joey & Kaelie started Little Reader & Little Math by BrillKids yesterday - yay!  I'm so excited about what this next year will develop in them. 

Kaelie doesn't pay as much attention as Nathaniel (from this blog: http://earlylearning-nathaniel.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-show-flashcards-video.html), but I'm confident that in time, she'll get the hang of it. 

Joey was the same way when he started the YBCR (Your Baby Can Read) series two Christmases ago.  I was really winging the last two years with him, and while there's still some of that going on, there's a lot more confidence from having seen results with Joey and also now that I know that I'm not alone in my quest to endow my children with what I feel is my responsibility as a parent and their natural right to knowledge.

I want to take a moment to give thanks to all of you who have been sharing your experiences online - I've finally found you.  And now I hope to give back to others by doing the same.  I love connecting with other parents on this mission for a couple reasons. I'm relieved to see what other parents are doing to help encourage their children to reach their potential through early learning.  It's about seeing what can work and being inspired to try new things too.  I feel so blessed to finally be connected to a group of like-minded parents!

Back to the program: Joey, no doubt because he's older and because hes' used to YBCR, really enjoyed Little Reader and Little Math.  I do math first for both kids because it's shorter and because I know they can get the reading in elsewhere if they run out of interest before it's finished.  Happy to report: I was on cloud nine yesterday when Joey immediately and enthusiastically asked for more!  We did three sessions in a row before he said, "No, I'm ok," after I asked him if he wanted more or if he was ok. I'm so excited that he especially loves math too, and hope that it fosters a love for math in both kids.  Joey already knew his numbers & counting to 100, and I'm hoping this will be a great aid towards teaching him the basics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the operations). 

For early reader, Joey wasn't very interested until I allowed him to touch the mouse keys and space bar to control the speed of it - turns out he wanted it faster, which makes plenty of sense, since the first sessions contain the same words he's used to from YBCR. 

Today and yesterday the kids only did one session because of being on the road and visiting family.

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