Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teaching Joey to Draw and Write Efficiently

This morning I came across the videos at thanks to chatting yesterday with Tonya, author of the blog at Joey has had such an interest in drawing and writing his letters and numbers lately, that I've been trying to find catchy ways for him to properly learn, instead of having him wait 3 more years to learn in school or teach himself inefficiently. 

He was hooked from the moment I shared the first video, attempting to repeat her catchy rhymes and asking me to repeat the videos.

I'm really looking forward to this next stage in his learning and can't wait for him to start sharing books he's written with me! 

PS - In case you're wondering what I mean by 'efficiently' teaching him to draw and write ... I mean doing it in a way that works for him instead of having him trying to figure it out completely on his own, which I think would take considerably longer than if he were shown the proper techniques from the get-go along with a catchy way (short rhyme) to recall and repeat the pattern until it becomes second-nature.

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